Sleep Apnea Solutions

Northern Virginia

Sleep apnea occurs when the tongue collapses against the back of the throat blocking the upper airway during sleep which stops air flow. When the oxygen level in the brain becomes low enough, the patient partially awakens, and the obstruction in the throat clears usually with a loud gasp which help the flow of air start again. The repeated cycles of low oxygen levels on the brain lead to very serious cardiovascular problems. Additionally, individuals with this condition also suffer from excessive sleepiness during the day, loss of concentration depression, and headaches.

Our oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr Gocke offers consultation and treatment options. We can assess the anatomic relationships in the maxillofacial region, cardiovascular damage, and the level of obstruction with cephalometric (skull x-ray) analysis, nasopharyngeal exams performed with a flexible fiber-optic camera, and sleep studies to monitor an individual overnight.

There are several treatment options available at our Northern Virginia area office, including night guards, a CPAP machine to ensure proper airflow, as well as many simple laser and surgical options.

To find out more about all the options available for sleep apnea, contact our office in the Northern Virginia area to schedule a consultation at (703) 388-2805.


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