Providing Northern Virginia patients with excellent care is what Virginia Oral, Facial & Implant Surgery is centered around. From the welcoming office environment and the level of comfort each patient enjoys during every appointment, to the state-of-the-art technology he provides, Dr. Gocke’s goal is for his dental implant patients to experience high-quality treatment and durable, natural-looking dental restorations.

Trabecular Metal Dental Implants

Dr. Gocke is now offering the latest in dental implantology – Trabecular Metal Dental Implants. These implants use a three-dimensional material, rather than just an implant surface or coating, to function like natural cancellous bone. Cancellous bone found in the human body is light and porous, with numerous large spaces inside that give it a honeycombed or spongy appearance. This similarity to natural bone, and the remarkably quick recovery time is what gives Trabecular Metal Dental Implants an edge over traditional metal implants.

While traditional metal dental implants adhere to the jawbone through bone-to-implant surface contact, often referred to as ongrowth, Trabecular Metal Dental Implants use the innovative technology of open and interconnected pores to achieve bone ongrowth and bone ingrowth. This allows the patient’s bone to adhere to the implant on the surface and into the implant itself.

The BioBoost Effect

The BioBoost Effect, which can only be found in Trabecular Metal Dental Implants, is a multiplication of naturally-occurring growth factors that rapidly speed up healing time and create faster bone formation than traditional dental implants. This gives Dr. Gocke the ability to complete your dental implant process in weeks, rather than months, and with fewer appointments.

The BioBoost Effect provides patients with enhanced results:

  1. Rapid Recovery

With the BioBoost Effect, Northern Virginia patients who receive Trabecular Metal Dental Implants with Dr. Gocke experience accelerated healing in as short as 2 weeks. This rapid recovery is made possible through the growth factors related to bone formation, wound healing, and vascularization. Patients can expect to be at or near complete healing within the 2-week timeframe mentioned above.

2. Lower Risk

The BioBoost Effect in Trabecular Metal Implants allows Dr. Gocke to place these implants in Northern Virginia patients who were previously ineligible for traditional metal implants due to other medical risk factors such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, or cancer treatments. For these patients with outside health risks, Trabecular Metal Implants have amazing success rates ranging from 97% to 100%!

3. Dental Implant Revisions

For area patients who have previously experienced implant failure with traditional metal implants, Dr. Gocke can provide implant revisions using Trabecular Metal Dental Implants. Because of the revolutionary BioBoost technology that creates multiplication of naturally-occurring growth factors within the implant, BioBoost technology quickly produces healthy ingrowth of vascularized bone, as well as enhanced bone healing, giving them a near perfect rate of success.

“We found Dr. Gocke to be excellent in treating my son, both on an emergency call to the ER and and then again when removing my son’s wisdom teeth. His treatments, manner, and staff are all first-rate.”

Come In For Your Initial Consultation And To Learn More About Trabecular Metal Dental Implants

Dr. Gocke is an experienced oral surgeon and aesthetic expert, and he has been supporting patients in Northern Virginia for more than 15 years. He is careful to take the time to build personal and lasting relationships with every one of his patients. While in his care, Dr. Gocke spends extensive time with each patient to help them understand what they can expect from their dental implant procedure.

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