Pain is a constant concern for every patient, and that fear can sometimes cause patients to forego necessary treatment for fear of the suffering they’ll have to endure. For this, doctors have created many ways to mitigate pain, and that has evolved over the years from simple solutions such as alcohol and wood to bite down on, to medical grade narcotics that can deaden the nervous system to even the most painful procedures. In recent years, however, the medical community has become aware of the negative effects of such a dependence upon narcotic-based pain management systems. So, for patients in the Northern Virginia area, Virginia Oral, Facial, and Implant Surgery is proud to introduce the Exparel Pain Management system that can produce amazing results without the use of narcotics.


Bringing The Most Pleasant Experience Possible

With the Exparel Pain Management System, patients can expect to be pain-free for up to 3 days after surgery without the need for strong narcotic drugs thanks to a multimodal pain management system. Not only does this system eliminate the possibility of narcotic dependence but can bypass any possibility of narcotic resistance or accidental overdosage of the drugs.

Dr. Gocke has been treating patients in the Northern Virginia area with Exparel for quite a while now, and the results are amazing. Not only do patients report less pain after surgery, but they live healthier and recover faster because their body is healing instead of using resources fighting off the effects of the pain medication.

Exparel can be used for many different types of surgery, including:

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How Exparel® Can Get You Back on Your Feet

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Exparel® is revolutionizing the way experts implement multimodal pain management systems. Being one of the first practices to use Exparel® within a post-surgical pain management system in the Northern Virginia area, Dr. Gocke has put together this eBook to explain the facts of this system and how it will benefit you in the long run.

For a quick introduction to Exparel, the process begins when the doctor places Exparel into the surgical area during the procedure. Exparel then released specially formulated bupivacaine, a type of local anesthetic, that is designed to release into the body over a long period of time for lasting pain management and relief. In this way, Exparel numbs only the pain the area of the body in which the surgery was performed, and it doesn’t have long-term and wide-reaching bodily effects because it doesn’t interact with the rest of the body.

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To learn more about the pain management options download the free eBook to learn:

  • How Exparel simplified post-surgical pain management with a multimodal strategy
  • Other options for managing pain
  • Why Exparel® is the better option
  • The benefits of Exparel®


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Exparel® is a personalized and acclaimed non-narcotic pain control medication that locally numbs the specific surgical area for three full days! We also offer general anesthesia and IV sedation if needed.

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For more information on the non-narcotic pain management system, contact our office in the Northern Virginia area at (703) 388-2805 and find out if this system is right for you.