Skin care and skin care treatments are a major field of cosmetic surgery today. Patients can often find the breadth of options overwhelming. Traditional treatments and over-the-counter skin care products make a lot of claims about effectiveness, and for some people, that’s enough. For others, it’s possible to try 30 different products and find none of them effective. For those cases, clinical help from a practiced and an expert physician can alleviate the unsolvable problems.

The options discussed here are some of the options available to Dr. Gocke and his team at Virginia Oral, Facial, & Implant Surgery in McLean, VA.

Laser Facial Resurfacing

Laser Facial Resurfacing, in this case, refers to the CO2RE Carbon Dioxide Fractional Laser system by Syneron Candela. This system removes layers of skin in fractionated columns to allow for greater healing and to reduce age spots. It is a very versatile and effective treatment to fix acne scars, scarring lines, wrinkles, fine lines, uneven coloration, and advanced skin damage. It achieves this by splitting the energy beam into a bunch of tiny, spread-out beams to provide an even treatment that heals more evenly, and the process leaves a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Patient 4 Laser Resurfacing Before and After

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Using advanced application systems and experienced professional expertise, Dr. Gocke and his team in McLean, VA can bring the best and most effective cosmetic treatments to patients in the Northern Virginia area. Hopefully, this little exploration of skin treatment technology can help patients understand their options.

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