Get Rid of Your Double Chin— Without the Need for Surgery

Get a trim, healthy profile with Kybella®, available from Virginia Oral, Facial & Implant Surgery.

What is Kybella®?

Over time, many men and women develop what is known as “submental fullness,” otherwise known as a double chin. This is not necessarily the result of weight gain and can often be the outcome of lost skin elasticity, a natural part of the aging process. Regardless, submental fullness can rob you of your sleek, youthful profile. Thankfully, Kybella® offers a non-surgical solution.

Kybella® is an injectable medication specifically designed to reduce submental fullness, allowing you to lose the double chin and gain a trim facial appearance. It is the only injectable of its kind that is FDA-approved to treat “double chins” in patients 18 years and older.

How Does Kybella® Work?

Kybella® is made with synthetic deoxycholic acid as its primary ingredient. This substance mimics naturally occurring deoxycholic acid which your body produces to help break down and absorb fat.

When Kybella® is administered in the fat just below your chin, it eliminates fat cells, which in turn reduces the prominence and visibility of the “double chin.” Not only can Kybella® produce significant aesthetic results, but because it destroys fat cells, the results tend to be long-lasting. Most patients do not require follow-up treatments once they achieve their desired cosmetic goal.

One reason patients choose Kybella® is that it presents a non-surgical solution to submental fullness. This treatment requires a simple injection under your chin and takes only a few sessions to achieve your desired outcome.

How Do You Know if Kybella® is Right for You?

Dr. Gocke will perform a brief physical assessment, talk with you about your cosmetic goals, and verify that you are a good candidate for a safe and successful treatment.

Generally speaking, the best candidates for Kybella®:

  • Feel frustrated, embarrassed, or otherwise bothered by submental fullness
  • Believe that their double chin causes them to look older or heavier than they are
  • Practice sound nutrition and regular exercise, but still struggle with submental fullness
  • Wish to avoid having any kind of invasive surgery
  • Are 18 years or older
  • Have realistic expectations about Kybella®

Meanwhile, if you have any kind of an infection or skin problem in the treatment area, it is best to abstain from Kybella® until the infection has been treated.

How is Kybella® Administered?

Your Kybella® treatments should only be administered by a trained specialist who can ensure your safety, your comfort, and your clinical outcome.

During your Kybella® treatment, Dr. Gocke will make tiny injections filling in the area around your chin. In total, this appointment should last no more than 20 minutes. The specific number of injections you require depends on your aesthetic goals and the distribution of your submental fullness.

There can be some minor discomfort from the injections, but topical anesthesia may be used to minimize any pain you experience.

What to Expect After Kybella® Treatment?

Many patients want to know what they should expect following Kybella® treatment, specifically in terms of a recovery period. Because this is a non-surgical intervention and sedation is not required, the recovery time is fairly minimal. With that said, you can anticipate that your chin and the surrounding area will experience some mild swelling, bruising, and tenderness following each Kybella® session. These effects may persist for up to one month.

Because of the swelling, it may take some time to fully experience your results. Most patients start seeing significant results by the 12-week mark.

How Many Treatment Sessions Will Be Needed to See the Desired Results?

The specific number of sessions required can vary from one patient to the next, depending on their specific needs and aesthetic goals. The majority of patients will need at least two Kybella® sessions before they see results and a maximum of six.

Allowing one full month to elapse between each Kybella® session will give your body time to recover from the first treatment before you return for a follow-up.

Dr. Gocke can help you determine how many Kybella® sessions you can anticipate during your consultation.

What are the Possible Side Effects of Kybella®?

Following your Kybella® treatment, you can expect some swelling, bruising, hardness, or tenderness. These are normal side effects and are not a cause for concern.

Serious risks for patients include nerve injury to the jaw, difficulty swallowing, and necrosis around the treatment site. Let your doctor know if you experience these symptoms.

While it is important to be aware of these potential side effects, there are also many ways to minimize the risk. This includes choosing a qualified and experienced provider to perform the injection and ensuring you have a full consultation before treatment.

Reduce Your Double Chin with Kybella®

Nobody wants to have their facial appearance compromised by submental fullness. Thankfully, you can lose the double chin without the need to have plastic surgery. Visit Dr. Gocke in McLean, VA for a personalized medspa treatment to help you meet your aesthetic goals.

Schedule a consultation today to find out more about Kybella® and other treatment options. To make your appointment, contact Virginia Oral, Facial & Implant Surgery at (703) 388-2805.