We appreciate all of the interns that have worked with us here at Virginia Oral, Facial, and Implant surgery. If you are interested in an internship contact us today!  

Pooja A.

“Hi! My name is Pooja, and I was an intern at the Virginia Oral, Facial, and Implant Surgery this past summer. I’m currently a Sophomore majoring in Biology with a pre-medicine advising track at George Mason University-Honors College. Upon reflecting over my internship experience, I truly can say that the medical knowledge that I gained while working under the guidance of Dr. Gocke and the overall team is something that I will forever cherish. This particular internship was my first ever internship that gave me a full exposure of the functionality of a professional medical setting. In the duration of my internship, I was exposed to a variety of aspects of oral and maxillofacial surgery like pediatric oral surgery and intravenous anesthesia. In addition, I learned of the different classification of drug-based medications and the importance behind the process of sterilization. Furthermore, I was introduced to the integrity behind maintaining strong communication between a physician and the patient prior to and following surgery. I was also able to enhance my skills of multitasking, punctuality, and maintain a strong work ethic. It was through this internship that I validated my genuine passion in pursuing a medical career. I am now applying the knowledge that I gained in this internship experience in my current spring internship as a clinical research intern at INOVA Fairfax Hospital.”

Julia W.

“I was so excited to be chosen as an intern for Virginia Oral, Facial, Implant Surgery last summer. From the very first day, I had the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the office from proper instrument sterilization and handling to patient after-care. The training that the entire staff gave me was very thorough and on-going, and if there was ever anything I wanted to learn about, such as why versed is used, there was always someone eager to teach me. As a nursing student, it was terrific to be able to participate in all sorts of things like patient prep and surgeries and to see bone grafting. The experience on how to work successfully in a medical office and work with other professionals and patients is something that has helped me through my own personal life. The experience I got at Virginia Oral, Facial, Implant Surgery was invaluable not only personally but professionally.”