Wisdom teeth are the most frequently removed teeth because of the issues that can emerge when they are left in the mouth.  Many individuals wonder why wisdom teeth extraction is usually recommended, and also, why people have wisdom teeth in the first place.  Continue reading to learn important facts about wisdom teeth and how Dr. Gocke & staff can make your wisdom teeth removal experience as pleasant as possible!
Why do we even have wisdom teeth?
According to anthropologists, the development of our third molars was in response to our ancestors early diet of course, rough food.  These foods, such as tough meat, nuts, leaves, etc., required more chewing power and resulted in an excessive wear of the teeth.
Modern humans, however, enjoy well-prepared and cooked foods, so we no longer have a need for these evolved third molars.
Why do I need my wisdom teeth removed?
Some rare occasions can occur where a person may not have complications resulting from their wisdom teeth, but it is always important to consult with your dentist and an oral surgeon to make sure complications will not develop.
There are several reasons why wisdom teeth extraction can be beneficial in avoiding a variety of short-term and long-term complications, such as:

  • Impaction: When there is not enough room in an individual’s mouth for wisdom teeth to erupt, it can cause impaction, resulting in the wisdom teeth growing in at an angle. This can cause the other teeth to shift and you may experience pain or discomfort when eating.
  • Damage to other teeth: Impacted wisdom teeth can cause your teeth to shift due to the teeth pushing up against the second molars. This can potentially damage your other teeth making them more susceptible to tooth decay.
  • Pericoronitis: This is an inflammation of the tissue that surrounds a partially emerged wisdom tooth. Pericoronitis cases occur in lower wisdom teeth and often affect young adults. These cases can result in pain and a bad taste in the mouth, More serious symptoms that require immediate treatment are fever, wisdom tooth-related abscess and difficulty opening the mouth due to swelling.

These are just a few examples of complications that can result from leaving wisdom teeth in your mouth.
When should I get my wisdom teeth removed?
Wisdom teeth usually erupt in young adults between the ages of 17 and 25, which means many people get their wisdom teeth removed either during their high school or college-related years.  With age, the chance for complications related to wisdom teeth removal increases.
Don’t suffer from the pain associated with wisdom teeth! Consult your Northern Virginia Oral Surgery surgeons to find out when you should get those pesky third molars removed.  The perfect time to remove wisdom teeth is during the summer months to ensure that you have enough time to fully recover.  Call our office today at 703.388.2805 to receive more information on wisdom teeth and schedule a consultation before all of our summer appointments fill up!