Mother and Daughter siting on a couch playing video gamesAnyone in Northern Virginia who has misalignment of the jaw knows the pain and discomfort it can cause. Thankfully, Dr. Gocke can help restore your smile and give you a functional bite by properly aligning your jaws through corrective jaw surgery. Below, we will discuss 3 of the most common bite problems corrective jaw surgery can address.

  1. Overbite

An overbite is a dental condition in which the vertical overlap of the upper teeth significantly extends over the lower teeth. If you have an overbite that cannot be addressed with orthodontics, Dr. Gocke can perform corrective jaw surgery to fix your misaligned bite and provide you with renewed self-confidence and oral function.
2. Underbite
An underbite is a dental condition in which the vertical overlap of the lower teeth dramatically extends outward, beyond the upper front teeth. Not only does an underbite affect your smile aesthetically, but it also poses many functional problems for Northern Virginia patients, such as difficulty biting and chewing food, difficulty with speech, and pain in the mouth and face. By performing corrective jaw surgery, Dr. Gocke can relieve this pain – both physically and emotionally. 
3. Open Bite
An open bite is a dental condition in which excess bone grows above the molars. This causes the jawbone to become angled, rather than flat. Many people who suffer from an open bite have problems biting and chewing their food. Dr. Gocke can perform corrective jaw surgery to address this bite problem by shaving away and removing the excess bone in the back of the jaw.

Types Of Corrective Jaw Surgery

Corrective jaw surgery can be a life-changing procedure for men and women all over Northern Virginia. Many people experience an improvement in their quality of life after their procedure. Things others take for granted – like taking a huge bite out of their favorite food or having the ability to completely close their mouth – can bring so much joy to someone who has had corrective jaw surgery with Dr. Gocke.
There are several different types of corrective jaw surgery that can be performed to correct misalignment of the jaw:

  • Lower Jaw Surgery

Lower corrective jaw surgery can fix a receding or protruding lower jaw. During lower jaw surgery, Dr. Gocke will divide the jaw into sections and move the front section forward or backward, whichever is necessary based on the specific needs of the patient.

  • Upper Jaw Surgery

During an upper jaw surgery, Dr. Gocke will divide the upper jaw into sections and move it forward, backward, up, or down, whichever is appropriate. The cuts are made above the teeth so that Dr. Gocke can effectively move the entire top jaw as one unit.

  • Chin Surgery

Chin surgery can provide aesthetic improvement for men and women in Northern Virginia who have a very small chin. For this surgery, Dr. Gocke will make a cut into the chin bone from the front of the lower jaw and move it forward.
Once he has completed the corrective jaw surgery, Dr. Gocke will use tiny dental plates and screws to secure the jaw into its new position. No more need for wires! Through this advanced approach, Dr. Gocke gives his patients the ability to talk and eat more normally during their healing process.

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