The Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon vs. the General Dentist

See why choosing a Maxillofacial Surgery expert makes a world of a difference. For all your facial and oral surgical needs, call Dr. M. Timothy Gocke.


Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are the experts in face, mouth, and jaw surgery.

Like Dr. Gocke, they are thoroughly qualified and trained to perform complex restorative and cosmetic surgical procedures to save lives in the event of a serious accident and to enhance natural beauty.

Watch this video from AAMOS to learn what an oral and maxillofacial surgeon is.

I took both my daughters to get their wisdom teeth out with Dr. Gocke, and I could not be happier. Dr. Gocke is kind and patient, his staff is lively and helpful. My daughter was cracking jokes with the nurse before going into surgery. The office is clean and welcoming. I highly recommend!

Gisela, actual patient of Dr. Gocke

Dr. Gocke is an absolutely amazing surgeon. I came in for emergency surgery, and Dr. Gocke was brilliant, professional, and personable. Even though this was a complicated case, he took great care of me, so that I could make a full recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Gocke for anyone who needs oral, facial surgery.

Joshua, actual patient of Dr. Gocke

The best operation I could've ever had. It was simple, seamless, and I felt pretty good after the operation. They even followed up with me the next day and sent me a card in the mail to wish me well. It was so nice, and if I ever have to get an extraction again, I will go to Dr. Gocke without a doubt.

Dana, actual patient of Dr. Gocke


Local dentists often refer to an oral maxillofacial surgeon when their dental patients need minor and major surgical intervention around mouth, face and neck areas.

A maxillofacial surgery expert (like Dr. Gocke) is the right choice for your oral and facial surgery needs.

To become an oral & maxillofacial surgeon, the following requirements are needed:

  • Four more years of schooling and training in surgical techniques after dental school

  • Advanced training in local and IV sedation to ensure a better experience

  • Hospital-grade advanced operating room technology

  • Hundreds of hours of continuing education and up-to-date techniques

Dr. M. Timothy Gocke, your expert oral & maxillofacial surgeon, is fully absorbed in the surgical industry to make your visits easier and your recovery faster and painless.

His attention is not divided among all the evolving dental procedures possible; his focus is on surgery and cosmetic/rehabilitative reconstruction.

A maxillofacial surgery expert (like Dr. Gocke) is the right choice for your oral and facial surgery needs.

When it comes to oral, facial, and implant surgery, an oral & maxillofacial surgeon is the right choice.

See what Dr. Gocke has done for others when it comes to restoring their smiles and facial characteristics.


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